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Anybody Need Beats This site has a core group of dedicated producers with some of the most competitive tracks on the internet. If you need quality for your next project we have Major Producers at you rap get your profile set up. Join the producers and Take Over the forum.

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1 UR **** LOVE ME!! UR **** LOVE... Instrumental
2 IM GONE!! IM GONE!! Acapella
3 IM GONE!! IM GONE!! Instrumental
4 Nothin 2 Lose Nothin 2 Lose Instrumental
5 ask someone else ask someone else Instrumental
6 no clue no clue Instrumental
7 don't even know don't even know Instrumental

Song Charts
1 SO FLY hot_up 175 SO FLY Instrumental
2 The Grind hot_up 813 The Grind Rap
3 John Wayne hot_up 654 John Wayne Hip-Hop
4 Grime City hot_up 308 Grime City Hip-Hop
5 Dr. Suess ***SOLD*** up 40 Dr. Suess... Hip-Hop
6 up 27 "U Sleepin" Instrumental
7 Spaced Out hot_up 503 Spaced Out Instrumental
8 Out My Mind hot_up 1109 Out My Mind Instrumental
Video Charts
1 she wants me up 12 she wants me Music Video
2 Intro up 10 Intro Unknown